About Us

My goal at the 4 Love Courture studio is to create the finest tennis bags in the industry. A tennis bag that stands out from the "designer tennis bag" crowd. Bags of unmatched craftsmanship, design, and beauty, that signify style and confidence. A bag that evokes that special feeling a woman experiences when she knows she is carrying a fabulous handbag.

With that said, I also understand that a tennis bag must be practical to use and extremely durable. All of my bags are made of sun and stain resistant fabrics, heavy-duty Cordura bottoms, and top-of-the-line nylon strapping and hardware. Each bag in the line includes our signature pockets and key hooks for storing personal belongings and tennis necessities.
Every 40 Love Courture bag is made in the USA by professional seamstresses with attention to detail. Perfection is the standard, not the exception. And to ensure that standard, each bag is painstakingly inspected before it leaves the studio.
At 40 Love Courture, I take great pride in customer service. Our history has shown that a happy customer, is a repeat customer.  Unlike many bag manufacturers in the industry, I always guarantee our zippers and hardware for the life of the bag.
The 40 Love Courture woman is stylish and self-confident. She understands quality. So whether she chooses to discreetly carry a 40 Love Courture bag or to make a statement with one of our colorful custom bags, she can be assured everyone will know her bag is very special.


Thank you for your support,

Liz Waggoner, Owner,

40 Love Courture